Wide silver ring

Wide silver ring

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Sterling silver wide ring with Latin inscription

Possible inscriptions:

MEMINI TUI MEMENTO MEI / I remember you and you remember me

GRATIAS TIBI AGO QUIA ES / thank you that you are

NIL VOLENTI DIFFICILE EST / for those who want nothing is difficult

FORTIS IMAGINATIO GENERAT CASUM / strong imagination creates an event

AMORE TANTUM OPUS EST / all you need is love

AMNIS NULLI EXPUGNĀBILIS ASTRO / a river no sun may dry out

AD BEATE VIVENDUM / to live happily

IN QUO CENSENDUM NIL NISI DANTIS AMOR / value of the ring consists only in the giver’s love

OMNE SOLUM FORTI PATRIA / every land is home to the brave

FABRICANDO FABRICAMUR / by creating, we create ourselves


Size: Width: 6,5mm

Material: 925 sterling silver

Colour:  Silver

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