Chunky knit wrap for outdoor, giant yarn, arm knit from 100% merino wool, extra warm

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Chunky knit wrap for outdoor, arm knit from 100% merino wool, extra warm.
This outdoor wrap is hand knitted from oversized chunky yarn which is very warm and soft. It is perfect for the winter season.
Chunky, oversized knit outdoor wrap will let you enjoy coziness, warmth and comfort. You can wrap yourself in it and enjoy the softness it gives to you.
Feel coziness and stay warm with this oversized yarn, chunky knit, merino wool outdoor wrap!

Size: 80x130cm
Wool Art - handmade design items from 100% merino wool!

All of the items are hand knitted from 100% pure merino wool. Merino wool originally comes from Australian Merino sheep. This wool is remarkably warm, it is soft and anti-allergic material. Big threads of the yarn will let you feel even more of it's qualities.
Each item is knitted with special accuracy, inspiration and care to deliver you the best.

Please note that the color you see in pictures, may differ depending on the lighting, device and screen specifics. Normally in cool light color will look colder and brighter and in warm light it may look warmer and more calm.

As all of the products are from 100% pure and delicate merino wool - only dry cleaning is recommended.

I love merino wool. I hope you will enjoy the products and fall in love with them as well.

If you have any questions or you would like to have a customized order, please do not hesitate & contact me. I will be very happy to help you!

Please note! All the orders can take up to 2 weeks for me to prepare.

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