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FUMparFUM is very small niche perfume brand, founded in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 2011. The founder and perfumer is Aistis Mickevičius, in Lithuania known as an artist, actor and radio DJ. A few years ago he became interested in perfume creation.

All FUMparFUM perfumes are limited edition, hand-made from the highest quality natural and synthetic essences, in a unique style combining old European traditions of perfume-making and an original approach to the fragrances combinations. There are the small perfumes sketches, artistic expression of the imagination.

FUMparFUM's nose, Aistis Mickevičius, creates not only commercial perfumes, but also perfume installations for objects or exhibitions.

A new FUMparFUM collection "Theater perfumes" were released in January 2014. The collection includes five refined, handmade, very limited edition fragrances, which were inspired by the theater as a phenomenon.

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