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Authors: Fyodor Svarovsky, Nastya Denisova, Stanislav Lovsky, Elena Fanailova, Andrey Sen-Senkov, Linor Goralik, Dmitry Vodennikov, Lev Rubinshtein, Kiril Korchagin, Andrey Rodionov, Maria Galina, Juliy Gogolev 

Translators: Inga Gaile, Ingmāra Balode, Janis Elsbergs, Janis Rokpelnis, Peteris Draguns, Aivars Eipurs, Andris Akmentins, Karlis Verdins, Arvisl Viguls, Edvins Raups, Liana Langa

Publisher: Orbita
Editor: Sergey Timofeiev, Aleksandr Zapol
Design by Aleksey Murashko and Tom Mrazauskas
Release year: 2017
Language: Latvain and Russian
Type of product: Hard covers
237 pages

The anthology includes poems written by 12 Russian poets who came to Riga and participated in the program "Poetry Letters", which have been translated by contemporary Latvian poets

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