Atis Artemjevs

ATIS ARTEMJEVS Sublime Weightlessness
The collections of Atis Artemjevs combine a surprising mixture of grace and design.
Being quite far from enclosing a woman’s body in a masculine, warrior or animal constructivism, his technical exploit, his sense of cut, control, structure and origami serve as a springboard that allows carrying off with style.
Voiles of organza, his favorite material, slip out of extremely constructed silhouettes as if playing with a light breeze or floating in the water. They rise up as if they break free from the gravity, the mortal and material human state on earth.
The universe of Atis Artemjevs, his pulse of life and his creative ambition can be seen in his sketches: images like a ballet out of time and out of space let us to discover moving silhouettes in bright colors dancing in a black background. The black background is a frame: the materiality, the constraints. His silhouettes speak for his art: it’s the movement, the color, the grace. As the silhouettes take advantage of the black space in which they have been set, the designer marks the constraints, our materiality: to break through, to be free, slim, light – alive.
Set on the background of this ballet out of time and the wide unknown spaces, the masterpieces of Atis Artemjevs are technical exploits that fight against the weightiness.
Having a discreet taste for the supernatural Atis Artemjevs invites us to the twists and turns of the spacious ... street in the heart of London to make us discover his rare works with a very particular attraction for dresses. Gowns and diurnal tailors. The boutique created by the designer – also absolutely black – is an installation of varnished rails that develop, playing with subtle mirrors, a futuristic labyrinth. This enigmatic space (or atmosphere), flirting with the codes (or the fantasy/the imagination) of the science fiction under subdue lights and re-inventing the aesthetics of the night-clubs is the place where the spots of vivid, almost fluorescent colors explode.
Electric blue, neon violet - black light - chemical rose, acid yellow. A sparkling (or “chocking”) palette, a luxuriance color-block that does not hesitate to evoke an extravagant, super natural flora and fauna: toxic flowers, tropical birds and deep sea fish. An amazing exoticism set against a graceful range turns into neutral style.
And that is how
The grace arises from the design
The ballet arises from the space
The unique object arises from the labyrinth The light arises from the absolute darkness.