Andrew Logan @ BOLD Concept Store

Andrew Logan @ BOLD Concept Store

We are happy to announce cooperation with British artist Mr. Andrew Logan who came to Riga in the beginning of May. Bold Concept Store hosted Mr. Logan's exhibition with his personal work dating from 1994 till 2017.

Andrew Logan belongs to a unique school of English eccentrics. One of Britain’s principal sculptural artists, he challenges convention, mixes media and plays with our artistic values. Since its beginnings, Logan’s work has depended on the inventive use of whatever was to hand. With flair and fantasy he transformed real objects into their new and different versions. His artistic world includes fauna, flora, planets and gods. His love of travel provides the bases for several series of work.

"Andrew Logan is a very special kind of artist, a sort of one-of-a-kind kind of artist. Everybody seems to like his work, and it isn't hard to see why . . . it's gorgeous, desirable, funny, and makes you feel happy. Nobody seems to have any difficulty with it, except to wonder guiltily if Art should really be this fun, this lovely…His work takes the risk of being completely clear in its intentions, doesn't obscure itself in artspeak, and is unashamedly beautiful. If he were just a maker of objects his would be a great enough talent, but he is also a scene-maker - one of those rare people with the ability to bring out in others their sense of creativity and curiosity."

Brian Eno

Everyone can see and buy his artworks until the end of May at Bold Concept Store, Baznicas 18A, Riga.

Pictures by Maris Morkans